Montag, 5. Mai 2008

Ever thought about it?

What do you like better.

Dark Jeans?

My opinion: YES!

Light Jeans?
My opinion: YES! YES! YES! Whole outfit. The belt gives the outfit perfection.

Wayfarer Sunglasses?

My opinion: Yes

Big Sunglasses?
My opinion: Can you say over the top?

Long dresses?
My opinion: Depends. No way high heels to Hippie dresses though

Short dresses?
My opinion: Love it!
Tell me what you think :)

Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

Jeans and shoes :)

Hey guys!!

I keep thinking about my faveourite spring look and this is what ive come up with:

Levis SkinnyJeans (not jeans blue, its blue blue :) ) with.......these shoes. steven by steven madden !!
other fave:

also Levis. Whitewashed very trendy right now and a wide leg also very trendy AND high-waisted!! can it get more trendy?? ;) ;)

with these shoes. charles david. but the jeans has to go over the shoe so just the tip of shows otherwise itll look weird. ah yes, i know a shame for those fab shoes.
Tshirts and accessories will come another time :)
tah tah for now

Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

My picks for Spring 2008

Hey guys!

So. Here are my fave's for spring 2008 baby!

WEDGES! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. but i dont get why we cant wear the ones form last year. i know, i know new trends yadi yadi but i still adore the "bast"-wedges. they are so beachy. the new ones are so much better for the city tho!

THE NEW ONES this is from hermès :

THE OLD ONES this is from miu miu

seriously, these to the beach or a stroll to the icecream parlor so much better. and cute :)

What trend i also ADORE is black and white! as you know i love classics so i was psyched about that one.
Lindsay Lohan rockin the black and white look with a cute full (highwaisted?) skirt (which is also totally trendy) and adorable platforms.
My no-goes this spring are pale colours (although pale makeup is fab), to just wear ballerinas aaaall the time (im not saying they are not cute anymore), really, really low jeans and if you just go over the top with a trend. if you wear something with ruffles, why add jewelry?! i dont get it.
Well I have to go leather jacket shopping now. really need a black one, my beige one from marco polo isnt doin it anymore (although its kinda trench coaty which is soooo ... yum!)
tah tah for now

Montag, 3. März 2008

First Fashion Sights

So! Here are some fashion styles i LOVE!

Especially this from Kookai caught my eyes! I love the colours and the glasses. Even tho just gals with a not too big bust could pull of flowy shirts/dresses!! Just dont do it if you got a big bust - it'll make you look big.

Lets move on.

This one is a favourite of mine!!! I LOVE the little jacket its so chic. It goes well together because the jacket and the dress is in a brown shade and the accesories are all black (purse, shoes, and tights). I think its so classy, vintag-y and bohemian. This dress without the tights and the high heels switched in for a pair of ballerinas it could be a perfectly fine outfit for normal persons like us!

I'm still looking for a dress similar to it! If somebody has a clue- please let me now :)

So let's stay with the Gossip Girls a little longer. The print of the dress of the brunette is fab. I love the hairband she's got as accessorie! I like the grey pants and the brown Tshirt on the blond but im not a big fan ob jeans jackets, I would have combined that with a grey or black leather jacket. love them!

Soooo that's it for now, I'd love to hear some feedbacks !

Tah-tah xoxo WanTaBe

First Blog!

Hello People!

Welcome to my little site (do you call it website? blog? ugh. I'm no computer-knowing-gal that's for sure).
So I'll make it short - promise you.
I love fashion. I have my really own style and love crusin around the internet!! I'll post special things up here that inspire me and that I looove, looove, looove :)!

So if you like your fashion classy, clean lines, but still a little edge to some things - you'll feel at home here!!!
So Tah-tah for now!
- xoxo WanTaBe